The workshop organised on Friday 2nd May 2014 focused on the popularization of Science events through the Scientix project and portal.  During the first part of the activity, the participants evaluated a national recently-held science popularization event entitled X’hemM? Il-Birgu.

Indeed the participants evaluated the project by using the SWOT analysis methodology.  Following a brief brainstorming session related to STEM education held by Ms Melanie Casha Sammut, the participants were grouped in terms of five to discuss and analyse the strength, weaknesses, possible opportunities and threats.

This exercise served as a platform to highlight possible ways to develop the national event in the forthcoming scholastic year/s. These included ideas to extend the science popularisation event to students at different levels of primary schooling.  Furthermore the idea of holding the event in public areas such as libraries, gardens and further use of museums.

Towards the second part of the workshop, the participants were introduced to the Scientix-2project.  Indeed the participants explored the portal’s key services. The workshop provided an excellent opportunity to all participants to use the Scientix portal to look up and find information on European science education projects, and high quality resources in science education.

The participants explored the projects’ section of the Scientix portal – focusing their search for projects by interest of topic and target group. The participants gained background information and overview of some of the current projects. The participating teachers looked up various science educational material related to the projects that interested them, including teaching materials and lesson plans. The teachers were also involved in searching ways to keep updated about science education initiatives in Europe such as through the Scientix newsletter and the Scientix events calendar.

Towards the end of the workshop a plenary session was held providing adequate opportunity to teachers to describe and discuss the projects and resources encountered.  Two of the projects that appealed to the teachers included the InGenious Project and the Math2Earth project.