A science initiative for the gifted and talented

The Department of Curriculum Management in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in Malta organised the first edition of the Malta Junior Science Olympiad. The event targeted gifted and talented Form 5 science students.

The Malta Junior Science Olympiad was held on Saturday 22nd November, 2014 at St Ignatius College Boys’ Secondary School, Ħandaq.  Each participating school registered ONE team of three students. The selection of the students was at the discretion of the school. However it was recommended that the team included at least one student with sound background from each science subject (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics).

Each student was requested to bring a lab-coat and lab safety glasses/goggles, together with pens/pencils, a 30cm ruler and a scientific calculator. The students worked on a set of three scientific investigative tasks related to the SEC Biology, Chemistry and Physics content. The selected theme for last year’s event was Waste Management. The following list indicated the subject topics that were relevant to the investigations.

  • Biology – Respiration, Soil as an ecosystem, Management of resources
  • Chemistry – Organic Chemistry (alkanes, natural gas, crude oil), Sulphur and its compounds, Qualitative analysis, Redox reactions
  • Physics – Balancing forces, Electricity in the home, Staying cool


Savio College
St Michael Foundation
St Ignatius College, Boys Secondary School

Each student in the first 3 winning teams was awarded an eBook Reader sponsored by the European Commission. The school of the winning team received the Science Olympiad trophy. A certificate of participation was presented to all participants. The winning teams were announced during the Awards Ceremony held at Aula Magna, Old University Building, Valletta, on Tuesday 2nd December.