The 3rd Scientix Workshop held on Tuesday 27th January, targeted local ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) educators.  During the first part of the workshop the participants were engaged in discussion related to current national ESD initiatives.  Instead a number of presentations were delivered to  disseminate positive practice in this field of education.  The national ESD projects/initiatives explored included EkoSkola, LEAF, YRE, EcoGozo,  Dinja  Wahda  and  Plastic Oceans. Each  animator  outlined  the  aims  of  the project/initiative, current and future developments and links to STEM education curricula.


During the second part of the workshop, the Scientix project was introduced by means of the video-clip and a brief outline of the roles of the NCP and Science ambassador.


The facilities of the portal were explored – special emphasis was placed on the projects and resource repository.  The participants were actively engaged in browsing the portal to search projects/initiatives and related resources relevant to the field of ESD.  Indeed the participants looked up projects related to a range of topics including forestry science, agriculture, ecology earth science, energy, environmental sciences and food science.

During the plenary session a number of projects encountered on the Scientix portal were reviewed and shared with the whole group.  These included KidsINN Science, EFSUPS, CoReflect, Organic.Edunet, Carbo Schools and CO₂nect.  The workshop was concluded with a tour around the Xewkija Hands-on Farm.


The participants’ feedback was positive and the workshop provided an excellent networking opportunity and opened up at a national new possibilities for networking at a European level.