Outstanding performance by local students in international Mathematics tournament

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Local students have done remarkably well in Malta’s first participation in the Fourth International Mathematics Without Borders Tournament 2017, where they have managed to score high positions despite the strong competition.

This tournament offers a platform to students to showcase their exceptional abilities and hone their love for mathematics.   The Mathematics Without Borders Tournament does not only encourage a competitive spirit amongst participants, but it also provides them with opportunities to work collaboratively and to think in innovative ways.

16,000 students from 5 different continents aged between 8 and 18 years participated in 3 preliminary rounds: Autumn Round (2016), Winter Round (2017) and Spring Round (2017).  10 Maltese students participated successfully in all the preliminary rounds and obtained a total of 14 medals*.  Daniel Pisani, Eric Bader, Mark Azzopardi, Matteo Stagno and Nicolai Bonello qualified to the final round, together with another 1,000 students from 13 different countries.  The final round was held in Nessebar, Bulgaria from the 30th June 2017 to 3rd July 2017.   Each of the finalists competed in an individual challenge and a team challenge, according to their age groups.

The performance of all 5 Maltese participants was remarkable and they obtained top positions in both the individual challenge and team challenge.

Name of Student Age Group Preliminary Rounds Final Round
Autumn Round


Winter Round


Spring Round


Team Challenge medals Individual Challenge medals
Daniel Pisani 9 – 10 years silver gold bronze silver
Eric Bader 11 – 12 years gold silver gold gold
Mark Azzopardi 10 – 11 years bronze bronze bronze bronze silver
Matteo Stagno 11 – 12 years bronze bronze silver
Nicolai Bonello 11 – 12 years gold bronze bronze silver


Eric Bader was awarded the title of Maths Star of the Tournament as he was the most successful participant of Malta.  Additionally, he was presented with a cup and a laurel wreath as his performance was amongst the most outstanding in his age group across all participating countries and throughout the tournament.

The Ministry for Education and Employment would like to take this opportunity to thank all educators and parents who embraced this wonderful opportunity.  Together they have provided yet another learning opportunity for the students to grow in their mathematical thinking, develop useful life skills and boost their self-esteem.

*The number of students who received medals in each round (preliminary and final) was up to 20% of the total number of participants – 4% received gold medals, 8% silver and 8% bronze.

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