MJSO 2016

The Department of Curriculum Management in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in Malta is organising the third edition of the Malta Junior Science Olympiad. The event targets gifted and talented form 5 science students. The aim of this Science Olympiad is to bring together the gifted and talented science students from across Malta and Gozo to carry out science related tasks. The theme chosen for this year is Mitigation of Food Wastage. Further details can be found in the related circular.


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Event Date:

 26th November 2016


 St Thomas More College, St Lucia Secondary School


 The maximum duration of the tasks is 3 hours.

 The winning team will be selected on the basis of best task performance in the shortest amount of time.

 Any form of cheating will result in the disqualification of the whole team.

 No books/journals and/or other resources will be permitted during the carrying out of the tasks.

The use of electronic devices is not permitted during the tasks except for those devices that are necessary to carry out the said tasks, i.e scientific calculators, etc.

 The recommended materials mentioned in the circular are necessary to carry out the said tasks and therefore candidates are expected to bring along the recommended materials.

 The team members are responsible for the allocation of the tasks within the group and for managing the time effectively and efficiently.