MaSDiV – Supporting Mathematics and Science Teachers in addressing Diversity and promoting and fundamental values

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MaSDiV (2017 – 2020) is a policy measure under the Erasmus+ programme, aiming to promote fundamental values through Education and Training addressing diversity in the learning environment. The main objective of this project is to support teachers to connect Mathematics and Science teaching to the learning of fundamental values in diverse and multicultural classrooms through the use of inquiry-based learning (IBL). The project involves the development of a teacher Professional Development course to promote inclusive STEM education.

For further information, kindly follow this link.

Opening Schools to STEM Careers MOOC

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Heads of School and career counsellors are encouraged to participate in the new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) entitled Opening Schools to STEM Careers

This course is funded by Erasmus+ in collaboration with Scientix (funded by Horizon 2020) and STEM Alliance. The course is free of charge and aims to promote STEM subjects and careers in class and from an early age.

Further information can be found in this brochure.

Erasmus+ Study Visit in Finland

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A group of 15 Education officials from the Directorate of Learning & Assessment Programmes (within MEDE) recently participated in a Erasmus+ Study Visit in Turku University, Finland.

The aim of the visit was to gain insight of the strategies, policies and practices that led to the consistent high ranking Finnish Education System and positive curriculum reform.  The participants also had the opportunity to visit a school in Turku and observe the different learning environments and best practices aimed at improving the study and learning experience for all students.

The group of participants in Finland

Training Seminar: Is this child gifted?

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The Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes recently organized a training seminar entitled Is this Child Gifted?

The 120 seminar participants were actively engaged in the discussion led by Dr Lianne Hoogeveen.  Dr Lianne from Radboud University (Netherlands) is highly accomplished in the field.  She is the Head of the Centre for the Study of Giftedness (CBO) and member of the Executive Committee of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA).  Indeed Dr Lianne managed to integrate scientific research to professional practice by outlining the different profiles of gifted learners, a range of gifted education models and the roles of teachers, peers and parents in the process.

The seminar was partly funded through Scientix 3 (H2020) European funds.

The seminar has been reviewed by the European Schoolnet on the Scientix Blog at