Opening Schools to STEM Careers MOOC

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Heads of School and career counsellors are encouraged to participate in the new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) entitled Opening Schools to STEM Careers

This course is funded by Erasmus+ in collaboration with Scientix (funded by Horizon 2020) and STEM Alliance. The course is free of charge and aims to promote STEM subjects and careers in class and from an early age.

Further information can be found in this brochure.


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European Schoolnet launched a STEM Careers Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) entitled Opening Minds to STEM Careers.

The MOOC aims to train and empower teachers to introduce and attract young students to STEM career paths from an early age. The MOOC is a collaborative effort of three different projects namely SYSTEMIC, Scientix and STEM Alliance.

The course will run for 8 weeks starting Monday 3rd April 2017. The following themes will be explored during the course:

1. STEM Careers in schools and in the job market.

2. STEM Careers pathways.

3. Career induction activities, materials and guidelines.

4. Gender stereotypes in STEM education.

5. How to balance the roles of teachers, mentors and parents.

6. Benefits of external school-to-work programmes.

7. Career orientation events on STEM education.

Each participant will receive digital module badges for each completed course module and a course certificate on successful completion of the whole course.

Interested teachers are kindly requested to register by accessing the link

The promotional package for this event can be found here.

R.O.P.E – ESD as a cross-curricular theme – Training seminar for Heads of Department

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R.O.P.E. (Reshaping Our Practices in Education)

ESD as a cross-curricular theme

Training seminar for Heads of Departments

The seminar aims to facilitate a more clear definition of ESD and perceive it as a cross-curricular theme that has to be integrated into the teaching and learning process in all areas. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss skills and competencies to be acquired by learners in such a learning process. The seminar will also discuss already existing programmes like Eathink WE EAT RESPOSIBLY, Dinja Wahda, Eco-Skola, Alter aqua, LEAF, among others, that can be used as tools to help them integrate ESD principles into their daily teaching and learning processes; while keeping in mind that their creativity can lead them to develop any other tool or methodology they might require for this purpose.

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